Geoffrey Manton building Geoffrey Manton building

At Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) I have all my lectures but one in the Geoffrey Manton building.

The building contains many lecture theatres which are usually clearly marked by the number of the theatre. The building itself also has a cantine and various vending machines for food and drink. I particularly like the large space on the groundfloor of the building as this allows you somewhere to eat and drink during breaks from lectures and lab sessions.

Furthermore, the building is in an ideal location for me. It is ideal as my accomodation is only around a 10 minute walk from the building. This allows me to leave my halls relatively late compared to others who have to take various modes of public transport to arrive on time for each lesson. In addition to this the building is also opposite several food outlets such as Subway meaning there…

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So, it has now been a few weeks since I have started university here at Manchester Metropolitan University. It has been quite a steep learning curve for me, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The course is enriching and enlightening, as well as being interesting. I am learning things that I never thought I whilst this course, such as new and exciting ways in which I can use Twitter and Facebook, as well as other platforms on social media, to promote my posts and to get a larger audience. I am already a blogger (My blog can be found at , I have been writing this blog for 2 years now) but the new techniques that I am learning on this course will help me promote my blog more and help me to grow my audience. The university experience itself has been good. I have enjoyed the nights out and other things related to the “Student Experience” very much. The lectures have been very engaging, but I am slightly disappointed at the lack of social events and/or icebreakers, so that we would get to know the other people on our course. Because of this, discussion between students who did not already know each other has been quite scarce, and it will take time for everybody to fully trust each other.

The selection of food in the canteen in the Geoffrey Manton building has been quite limited. The same cannot be said, however, for the selection of food in the business school. They have a very varied seection of foods from all over the world, and cater to special dietary requirements such as Halal and Kosher meat as well. And, of course, if you are dissatisfied with food directly from University, then you can visit the numerous takeaways that are just outside the university. Archies is highly recommended, as they sell delicious hot food and wonderful milkshakes at a decent price. The food has definitely been one positive thing about my experience at Uni so far.

However, there are a few things that have disappointed me. One has been the unwillingness of the Student Societies I have joined to contact me, unless I actually message them first and contact them. This is despite me paying a small fee for membership of some societies. Societies should aim to welcome and engage with new members, rather than simply ignoring them, as new members themselves may not have the time to contact society leaders or other society members, since they tend to be those (Like myself) who have just started university, and are still settling in to student life. It is especially difficult for those students who have come here from a different city or country, and find it quite difficult and time-consuming to settle in. I am from Manchester, yet, even for me, it has not exactly been a relaxing start to university life. But, overall, I am enjoying the student experience and looking forward to what it has in store for me up until May next year and the end of what I am sure will be a very exciting first year of my Journalism course.

To end this article, I am going to do an opinion poll to see what kind of experiences my fellow students have had so far at MMU.


….How exactly do I start a new blog? What should it be about? What content should it contain? These are the questions that have been going through my mind as I write the first words on what should (Hopefully) be an exciting and intriguing blog post.

Well, now that I think about it, probably not. This is just a welcome post designed to wave a big fat figurative hand saying “Hi!” at anybody who visits my blog to marvel at my work (Well, not really.) I hope you all enjoy the junk I will be posting on here: In the meantime, head on over to for a political blog which I started well over a year ago and have been continuing for some time now.