Blogging and Journalism: The similarities and differences.

A screenshot of the Snowblog
A screenshot of the Snowblog

Although many people would like to argue that blogging is a distinct and seperate form of media to Journalism, I would argue that Journalism and Blogging are two very similar forms. This does not stop many Journalists holding the very idea of blogging in contempt, as Andrew Marr famously did in 2010, when he described bloggers as being ‘inadequate, pimpled and single’. The similarities between the two are quite striking. Both are information sources, both have a very similar style of writing, and both are globally accessible. It is just as easy to access the website in Timbuktu, for example, as it is to access in Ulaanbattar. For these reasons, many would argue that blogging in fact represents a distinct form of Journalism, that is different to News, TV, or Radio Journalism, but nonetheless has so many Journalistic features that it must be considered to be a part of it.

However, there are many differences with blogging when compared to general article writing. A prime example of this can be seen in Nick Robinson’s blog  on the BBC. His articles on his blog are far more opinion-based than his articles elsewhere on the BBC, or when he is on the TV or Radio. For instance, he specifically uses the words “in my view” to show that it is his personal opinion, and not the line he has been told to write by his editor or the impartiality rules he is normally bound by when he appears on the BBC. The tone of the Blog Post is also far more informal and personal than a similar article on the BBC would be, as he informs us that he is writing the blog post whilst he is waiting for an appointment in an NHS Hospital, and the language used is much more informal than in an ordinary BBC article written by Nick Robinson. Another good example would be Jon Snow and his blog. He gives a wide variety of inisghts and opinions that we do not usually hear from him when he is presenting the Channel 4 News.

Therefore, I conclude that, although blogging and other similar types of Journalism have many differences, they also have enough in common to be considered a similar type of Media, and that blogging ultimately comes under a wide variety of types of Journalism.


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